What are the screens made of?

Privacy Screens and Panels are cut from 14ga mild steel.  

​How much do they cost?

A good ball park cost on a panel / screen is $30 a sq. ft.

Factors that may affect the cost are complexity of the design, if metal framing or stakes are required, custom finishes etc..

Prices below are base price for average panel 

Size        Panel only      Framing

2'x3'        $170.              included

2'x4'        $240               included

3'x4'        $360               $60

2.5'x5'     $375.              $60

3'x5'        $450.               inquire

4'x6'        $720                inquire

4'x8'        $960                inquire

Do you do custom sizes?

Do you require custom sizes to fit a panel into an existing deck space or fencing? Not a problem! We can design to suit your needs.

Do you do custom designs?

Yes we do. Full design services available - we will work with you to create a custom work of art for your home or garden.

What finishes do they come in?
They can be supplied in a natural state that will rust to a golden brown finish or a Powder coat industrial finish can be applied. Flat black is the most popular but we offer a wide variety of finishes to compliment your existing colour schemes. 

How are they installed?

Garden Stakes
Smaller panels can be supplied with a metal frame with garden stakes for ease of "planting" Convenient for use in gardens and landscaping as artistic focal point in freshly planted areas or hard to grow locations. It provides the option to move the piece around the garden as desired or needed.

Larger panels / screens can be supplied w/ stakes but due to size/ weight it's recommended that post hole concrete poured around footing.

Simply screw onto existing posts

Panels can be designed with holes around outer edge so it may simply be screwed onto the front or back of existing posts.

Framing w/ wood

Most common method for larger screens and panels used as fence / railing inserts. 

Screen /Panels are secured into place with strips of wood (ie. 2"x2's) 

Wall Mounted

Panels can also be modified to be wall mounted for hanging on well secured screws. 

I am interested! Where do I go from here?

Get in touch by email link below. Let me know what size, design and finish you are interested in. I will call to discuss details and answer any additional questions you may have. If you are local we can set up an appointment to visit the studio and discuss in person. Often it is helpful to see samples of art when working through the design process.

Once details are confirmed I will send a sketch of final piece for approval and a firm price quote. 

50% deposit required upon approval of sketch.

Lead time is 2-4 weeks 

Privacy Screens FAQ

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